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Instead, I spend my time with my husband, my children, the bonus kids, the grandkids, and you.

One on one. That’s my favorite way to spend time with people.


If you want to talk to me, then I will be glad to get to know you and talk with you.

We can meet, as close to old-fashioned as possible.

It’s really simple. Just go to my Calendly page and schedule a time. Then we can meet by Zoom, or if you’re more comfortable, email me and I will make time to talk by phone.

Whichever, feels right to you.


I’m an author, and I write whenever I get a moment. Sometimes, it’s while I’m waiting for the car in front of me at the bank ATM.

Other times, its when I’m wide awake at 2 a.m. because a latte sounded so good after dinner…

I’m usually not too bothered because, I like to write and journal so….any excuse is better than none..

Because of my love for family, writing, meeting people and so much more, I choose to forgo social media.


If you’re looking for more information about my book, Life Behind the Masks, or me as an author, that is easy…

Just go to my website,  or

Either way, you will be able to contact me and we can talk.


I look forward to meeting you and hearing what is on your mind.


Let’s chat soon!

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