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Reader Guest Blog

I’m so grateful to Wilma MacLiver for having the courage and bravery to tell and write her story, Life Behind the Masks. She is truly an inspiration to us all! I’m honored to relate to such a likeminded person and to be connected to something bigger than myself. I’ve been waiting nearly 37 years to find and understand my own life story, a near-impossible task when you can recall very little of the assaults that occurred. It was difficult to read through at times, I had to walk away and put it down on many occasions. Through silent sobs and many nose blowings, I was forced to sit with the profound realizations of what I too had experienced at the hands of family members/caregivers, including my own mother.

This was the first time I realized I was no longer alone in this great big world. Until reading Wilma’s book I was unwilling and unable to face my own reality of MDSA as well as many other tragic things no child should have to endure. It is a treasure to finally have all the information in one place, giving us all insight into what we’ve encountered over the unknown years.

I know you have felt alone all in your life but that changes now. There are so many of us out here trying to heal and grow from what we had no choice in, being born into families we didn’t get to choose. It’s our responsibility to overcome and accept what has been done to us and this book is the starting point. Once you read this, your entire life will change, for the better! This book is very educational in explaining the unexplainable. Find out for yourself and purchase a copy now! Your Tribe awaits.

Jess Hilton


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