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Wilma had experience with counseling when she came to me. I am sure that contributed to her success with therapy. However, her strongest attribute was her persistent desire to improve and reclaim her life. Somehow, despite all the damage and brainwashing that Hellen perpetrated on Wilma, she managed to come to me having an intact family life, social life, and spiritual life. Her work ethic is impeccable. Wilma never missed an appointment in the 25 sessions that we scheduled over a two-year period. She was always on time and prepared with notes, journal entries, questions, and insights. She relentlessly worked in and out of session. She persevered through mental blocks, intense emotions, tearful sessions, and the recovery of truly horrifying memories, always focused on the end goal of achieving emotional stability and mental well-being.

Maria Iannone, LPC

Arizona Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center

University of Arizona Medical Center


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1st Place New Non-fiction First Time Published

3rd Place Christian Non-Fiction

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An overview of the information I discovered

Sexually Abusive Mothers

Mothers who sexually abuse their daughters commonly use enemas in a sexually controlling manner. Often, they require nudity, special responses or silence, while performing the enemas for hours. The enemas included penetration vaginally and rectally.

Forcing their daughters to abandon a beloved pet was another common theme for mothers who sexually abuse their daughters. Poor Herbie.

Mothers commonly hid, or tried to hide, the abuse under the guise of caretaking.


Voyeurism was overwhelmingly common in all the statistics: watching their daughters bathe/shower, go to the restroom, dress, undress, as well as requiring their daughters to watch them bathe/shower, go to the restroom, dress, and undress, and view them naked.

Hellen followed the more violent end of the arc of research involving beatings, burnings, alcohol and drugs. The common theme in some areas of research is the sexual usage of pencils, hairbrushes, hairbrush handles, dildos, vibrators, and burning their daughters with lit cigarettes. Hellen fit right in.

Daughters Sexually Abused by Their Mothers

I followed a textbook pattern of a sexually abused child. I was afraid of the dark; I ran away, bit my nails, got into fights, and had angry outbursts at school. I was full of fear and had health issues, weight loss/gain, and suffered with depression.


I desperately tried to please Hellen amping up my efforts as the abuse escalated. I believed the abuse was my fault, and I hated who I was for causing myself unnecessary pain. I made up excuses for the knots on my head, missing hair, and her public scenes.


I lied when asked if I was okay and safe. I was suicidal.


The majority of daughters were sexually victimized by others, after being sexually abused by their mother. Some were pimped out by their mothers.


Most daughters did not tell anyone until they were around age 45 years old, or after.

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