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#1 New Release!!!

Hello Everyone,

October was the official launch of the book.

Thanks to all of you, Life Behind the Masks was the #1 New Release - in two categories- throughout the month on Amazon!!

And…while it’s great that the book and ebook are doing well, I’ve had to deal with going public with the abuse.

But, wait... I went public with the abuse years ago when I spoke to groups of women and began with public speaking.

Yet, somehow with the book’s publication, this felt different.

And, so, I’ve had to discover the Why. I’ve had to do my own thinking, journaling, and discovering.

It is different because when speaking to others, I received an immediate response. Sometimes it has been good, sometimes not so good.

Either way, there was a response. But with the book’s publication, there has been a minimal response.

Oh, I am thankful for the five, 5-star Amazon reviews and the encouraging emails, but it has been very different from speaking to groups.

Why am I telling you this? Because when we share our story, we become vulnerable.

And…in that process, our insecurities, fears, self-doubts, anxieties, all may - and likely do- surface.

Then, we must face that we have them. And then, deal with them and the healing process continues.

So, I’ve faced those self-doubts, insecurities, anxieties head-on and realized that in doing so…while I was having those sleepless nights, others were reading the book, and typing emails

thanking me for having the courage to write the book because they got help.

Really, the thanks belong to those who helped me.

As you and I share our stories and face our own vulnerabilities, we are truly helping others.

And healing is shared as well.

Let’s look beyond our own wounds, our own vulnerabilities, and reach out and help someone else who is hurting.

It is so worth it.

Contact me if you want to talk.



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