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1st Anniversary for Life Behind the Masks

It is hard to believe but - one year ago today - Life Behind the Masks was launched into the marketplace and I was so nervous about how it would all go.

It has been an inspiring year and the book and ebook have done remarkably well.

When it first launched last October 1st, it was a #1 bestseller in several categories within three hours, stayed that way for weeks... We were stunned and clearly, the book had touched a nerve in a society that has otherwise considered the subject, taboo.

I give the credit to the endorsers and all you readers who have supported the book and I am so grateful.

I have heard from many readers through this website, email, and at book festivals and while it is sad to hear their personal accounts of abuse, it is wonderful to be able to offer them hope and direction towards healing.

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Life Behind the Masks, the audiobook will be launching in October 2022.

We are thankful for this opportunity and are very excited about the individuals the audiobook will be able to reach.

My best to all of you-



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