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Facing the hard truths-

Hi Everyone,

Today I've been thinking about some of the comments from the book festival. Some readers wanted to take the book home, but said "I just can't read it, though I need to."

I heard that statement and different variations throughout the day.

They may have purchased the book through the website later, I don't know. They took the information to do so.

But what are they really saying? I can't face it right now? But I need to?

It is so difficult to face any trauma. I grant you that. is so much more difficult to carry it throughout your life. To procrastinate throughout your whole life. When I was a very young mother, an older lady said to me, "It's not what you do that makes you tired, it's what you don't do."

That stuck in my mind. And, I found it to be so true.

When I was working through the abuse from my childhood, so many, many times I did not think I could go on, but I just kept going. I know I've touched on this in a prior blog, but really there is no magic.

I just kept going.

To make any progress you have to have motion/movement. Even if it's slow.

Even if you wish it were more... Just keep going.

If you think about it, procrastination is motion/movement too. Just in the wrong direction.

Let's all move forward. Baby steps. Let's take one today.

Have a great day,



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