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Healing is a Process

Thank you for the response to our first Reader Guest Blog. Jess Hilton did a great job, and I am proud to have her introduce this new feature to the website. There are other Guest Blogs coming soon, so be sure to look for them soon.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing from many of you and so much of the time, we talk about the healing process.

In the book, I wrote that healing continues for me, and I learn as I go through life. I learned a great deal writing the book and meeting with many of you. I learned much in the trauma classes and through the public speaking, I have had the opportunity to do.

But, I’ve also learned through the everyday experiences of life. The simple things, like seeing others in the healing process, and realizing that I was there at one time – not all that long ago – and thought, “will I ever make any more progress?”

The answer is, “yes, of course, you will."

I am still learning and observing and yes, healing.

The most important thing is to be patient and above all keep going.

Just keep going. Even if it’s three steps forward and one step back – you’re still two steps ahead. Just keep going.

Don’t quit.

Many times, I grew frustrated with having to counsel and work through a childhood of memories and lies that I didn’t choose. And I didn’t choose the mess.

But, I was the one living with the landfill of memories and lies in my mind. Only I could get to work (with help) and get them out.

It’s been worth every effort. Every minute of every exhausting day. It’s been worth all the tears, fears, nightmares, EMDR sessions, counseling sessions, journaling…everything. I didn’t think I was strong enough, but I just kept going.

Now, I have a really good life. Not a perfect life, but a really good life. And I am so thankful I worked through the mess of my childhood.

I’ve heard from many of you, and I am touched each time I get to talk to you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me through the contact page. We can talk through Calendly or by email. I’ll be happy to listen and try to help, offer resources or encourage you any way I can. You inspire me.

Also, a special thank you to Jess Hilton for her inspirational blog. Congratulations on a successful 1st Guest Reader Blog!!

If you are interested in writing a Guest Reader Blog, contact me at



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