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A special thank you to all of you who have been so kind and supportive during this time. While I haven’t been able to blog, I appreciate the kind and thoughtful words you have sent our way.

Life sends us obstacles. I wrote about them in the book. I spoke about them in my GED speech in 2009. I have lived with them, up and down, throughout my life.

It’s not the obstacles that count so much, as our perspective.

Throughout it all, Greg and I try to find the humor, if in fact, there is any.

At times we have cried, but, if possible, we have tried to laugh as well.

Most importantly, we have refused to view life’s obstacles through a victim lens.

Everybody has things come along they don’t want to deal with, face, and are overwhelmed by. Maybe what they’re facing doesn't seem fair.

It doesn’t matter. We still have to face it, deal with and move on.

Adding a victim mentality into the mix only complicates everything.

So, let’s reject that, and accept that while we once were victims when we were children, we are not now. We are adults with choices and we can and do choose to live with purpose and gratefulness- even when faced with obstacles...because that's just life.

On a different, happier note, soon we will all have a special treat.

One of the readers will be posting a Guest Blog.

She contacted me after reading the book and has been a source of encouragement and joy since I’ve met her. Look for her blog soon.

If any of you would like to post a Guest Blog, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to

Life Behind the Masks continues to help many readers in the healing process and is a bestseller on Amazon. Several of you have mentioned how you’ve posted the book on your social media, and we appreciate your support.

Thank you again for your understanding during this time.



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